aravinda January 23, 2019

The hole in the ozone layer above the North Pole is becoming larger, allowing large volumes of ultraviolet radiation to fall directly on the Earth’s surface, causing destruction and harm to humanity, and resulting in skin cancer and other bodily ailments. At the same time, it reduces the rate at which green plants photosynthesise, thereby […]

aravinda December 5, 2018

Is a painting no more than a piece of paper with lines and color or is it more than that? In the hands of the master painter, who is painting in the spirit; the lifeless piece of paper with its lines and colors, is transformed into a creation that has life, just as the master […]

aravinda November 13, 2018

Every living thing develops from one state to another in order to support the props of life. Humans, in particular, demonstrate this trait so clearly. Once we grow, both physically and mentally, development gets wedded to growth. Development is a more sophisticated human trait compared to growth. Generally, we regard growth as a change in […]

aravinda October 9, 2018

There is specific software out there that you can use to do this or you can put your own work into many photo editors out there. You can do a Google search to find collage photo software if you are interested. If you are looking to save money then you can combine pictures together for […]