aravinda August 2, 2018

When I first began photography, I was bound and determined to make it my living. It was my passion. I started off doing “work for hire” and portrait sessions, but soon yearned to get a little more out of my talent. I needed to figure out how to sell pictures in another way.

I was backed up with workload, which sounds great, but I had little time and wasn’t making enough money. I set out to accomplish a new goal: To spend less time, making more money, in photography.

The task was daunting, and being new(er) to the industry of photography, I was unsure of how to accomplish such a task. I started looking into micro stock sites but after some reading realized that I would need far too many images to make even close to decent money.

That is not to say that stock photography isn’t profitable. I signed up with another type of stock photography site that allowed me to charge what I deemed fair for my images. This meant that instead of making a measly $0.80 per photo, I could make as much as $5000.00 per photo!

Granted, the sales were less frequent, but that also meant less management. Exactly what I was looking for!

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